Best Cleaners for Quartz Countertops!

Quartz countertops are a great choice if you want to add some elegance to your kitchen or bathroom, but they can be challenging to clean because of the natural stone surface. The best way to keep them looking new is by using an all-natural cleaning solution that will not harm the finish. In this article, we will help you find the best cleaner for quartz countertops.

Cleaning quartz surfaces with any abrasive cleaners like steel wool or scouring pads scratches away the protective coating that’s built up over years of wear and tear. If this happens too often, the surface may start to look dull and worn out. Nevertheless, keeping your surface shiny and durable starts with choosing the best cleaner for the countertops. 

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner and Weiman Quartz Countertop Cleaner have been proven time after time to work well in most situations. And since they’re made specifically for granite and marble, they give your surface a vibrant look.

So let’s discuss these two types of cleaners; how they are used and their pros and cons:

1. Granite gold daily cleaner

Granite gold is one of the best cleaners for quartz countertops. The cleaner is packed in a spray bottle which makes it easy to use. It contains no harsh chemicals, so it does not cause any damage done to your surface. You need to apply the cleaner on the surface and wipe off excess liquid with a soft cloth. After applying the cleaner, wait about 10 minutes before wiping down the area again.

The main advantage of this product is its ability to remove stains from the surface without damaging it. Since it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, it also works as a spot remover. Another benefit is that it leaves behind a non-sticky residue which prevents water spots from forming. However, it does require planned maintenance to maintain its shine. 


1. No chemical residues left behind

2. It is non-toxic thus safe for kids and pets

3. Easy to use

4. Removes stubborn stains easily, making it ideal for removing coffee spills

5. Leaves behind a non-sticking residue that keeps water spots at bay


1. Requires you to apply it frequently

2. It Doesn’t last long

3. Not recommended for heavily stained areas

2. Weiman Quartz Countertop Cleaner

Weiman quartz countertop cleaner has become very popular among homeowners who prefer products that don’t include harsh chemicals. This countertop cleaner has many benefits, including being safe for children and pets. Unlike other products, this cleaner uses only pure soap and water. Soap acts as a mild detergent while water removes dirt and grime. To get rid of stubborn stains, mix equal amounts of warm water, and dishwashing liquid, then pour into a bucket. Add 1/4 cup of baking soda then stir until dissolved. Use this mixture to wash your counters. Then rinse thoroughly with clear running tap water.

Weiman quartz countertop cleaner comes in a pump dispenser which allows you to dispense small amounts at a time. When appropriately applied, it should leave behind a light film that protects against staining. But don’t expect miracles when it comes to removing tough stains. For those cases, you’ll need to try another method, such as soaking the stain overnight followed by scrubbing with a sponge.

Another good thing about this product is that it’s free of ammonia and phosphates, which means it won’t cause discoloration. Also, unlike other cleaners, it doesn’t dry out your skin. In fact, it actually moisturizes it. 


1. Non-toxic, making it safe for kids and pets

2. Great value considering the quality of the product

3. Works excellently even if you’ve got sensitive skin and does harm your hands

4. Does not leave a sticky residue, thus preventing foul odor

5.  Contains natural oils that ensure fast cleaning


1. It Doesn’t work well on dark-colored surfaces

2. It Does not last long

3. Requires frequent application

Basically, both Weiman quartz countertop cleaner and granite gold daily cleaner are suitable for all types of granite countertops, but they’re beneficial for cleaning marble or limestone ones. They come in two forms: granules and liquids. Granule form is used directly, whereas the liquid version needs to be diluted first. The only difference between these two cleaners is that one granite gold cleanser contains sodium hydroxide while Weiman quartz cleaner contains citric acid.

Quartz countertops cleaning tips

1. Always clean your countertops before applying sealant since dirty countertops will affect how much sealant sticks to them. If possible, wipe down the entire area using an old towel soaked in hot soapy water. Make sure to rub the whole area vigorously. After wiping off excess moisture, let the countertops air dry completely.

2. Apply a thin layer of wax over the cleaned countertops. Let it sit for 30 minutes before sealing. Wax helps protect the surface from scratches and prevents fingerprints. It also makes the countertops look shiny. You may use any type of wax, depending on what kind of finish you want. Some people like to apply beeswax because it provides extra protection against heat and humidity. However, some people find that paraffin wax works better than others.

3. Seal the countertops after letting them dry completely. Once again, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the amount of sealant needed. Too little sealant could result in poor adhesion between the sealant and the countertops. On the other hand, too much might lead to bubbling during installation.


Getting the best cleaner for quartz countertops is a priority for homeowners who have installed their own kitchen counters. Both cleaners discussed above are the best choices available today. While Weiman quartz countertop cleaner has been around longer, its price tag is a bit higher. So unless you really love the smell of lemon, go ahead and get granite gold daily cleaner instead.

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