Best Disposable Cutlery Set in 2021

There is a large number of disposable Cutlery sets all over the world.  These come from different manufacturers and come in various brand names.  They also come in different colors and designs. Some are customized and are made to cater for particular events and occasions like weddings, parties, BBQ and every other social gathering.  The sets are either re-usable, compostable, eco-friendly or Biodegradable.  While most of them are cheap, others are expensive depending on manufacturer or the country source. Interestingly, there are a some made from wood and bamboo apart from the common ones made from plastic. Therefore, here are the best disposable cutlery set reviews:

Party Bargains – Disposable Cutlery Set

These come in a clear or white color and are made of plastic. They are durable and strong. They are ideal for any occasion be it be dinner, parties, BBQ or catering for weddings. They contribute to a fine touch to your dinner table setting.  These sets tend to be economical, elegant, thick and strong. No wonder they are expensive. The cake forks are user-friendly and disposable and therefore can be used in weddings, banquets, baby showers and other special events. They incorporate to all conventional table settings.

Key highlights:

  • The Paper Plates and cups are Cut Proof
  • Microwaveable
  • Soak Proof quality.

Gold Plastic Cutlery Set by Silverware

As the name indicates this set comes in a 300 piece of gold colored plastic cutlery set.  It is ideal for a big occasion or a Christmas party.  It includes 100 spoons, 100 knives, and 100 forks. It is of premium quality, not toxic and is BPA-free plastic.  It is therefore safe to use and your guests need not be worried of breakage. It is durable and reusable and wont scratch easily.

Key highlights:

  • You can buy an extra 60 pieces of plates with matching color at an affordable price to complete your dinning set up.
  • The size is attractive and perfect.  It provides a feel of a normal flatware with the right fit in your hand.
  • It is an elegant gift for your family and friends and suits every households’ taste.

Party Bargains 200 Count Settings Forks

These are plastic clear forks packed in 50s.  They are heavy weight and disposable.  These forks are made to handle most temperature intensive drinks and foods.  Though they are throw-away, they can be cleaned and used for multiple occasions.  They look classy and the clear texture makes any table setting or décor fit in any event including take-away fast foods, picnics, school or house parties, office or daily use.  They are packed in a small bag that minimizes storage space.

Key highlights:

  • You can also buy a pack of 50 knives, teaspoons, spoons to suit your occasion.
  • This set of disposable forks saves you from washing unnecessarily and therefore saves time.
  • Easy to handle.

EDI Disposable Cutlery Set

EDI white is a Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set which contains several cutlery items that include 70 knives,70 spoons, and 70 forks. Since the package comes in a bulk paper box of a total of 210 pieces you will feel well-stocked with utensils.   Due to their durability these utensils can be dish-washed.  They are strong and do not bend or break while using and lets you cut tough foods with no worry.  You can reuse and wash.  They are recyclable but one can dispose them if you do not want to keep them. 

These utensils are made from BPA-free plastic which is food grade and are safe to use with various food products.  They do not crack and are quite sturdy.  These utensils are multifunctional and can be used for any meal on any event. They are safe with kids too. I think this is the best disposable cutlery set bargain amongst the list of the other set of utensils.  It contains many pieces of the utensils and the cost is a bit low compared to the rest.

Key highlights:

  • Microwaveable
  • Soak Proof
  • Cut Proof quality.

Party Bargains – Plastic Silverware

These utensils are heavy duty and solid.  They are disposable and come in sets of150 forks. These forks are in silver plastic that is strong and sturdy.  They are elegant and stylish and fit any occasion such as holiday parties, weddings, buffets and picnics.  They are modern, beautiful and are not as cheap as other flatware.  Due to their realistic fact they can give a ‘wow’ to any kind of table setting. You may use them in baby showers, family or friend’s parties or in the home. If you are looking for a small budget that is classy These utensils are recommended.  After use they can be washed and still look great ready for the next use.

Key highlights:

  • High quality material.
  • Stylish and attractive design.
  • Glamorous and great price

Bloomingoods 200 pc Silverware

This set of 200 pc plastic silverware comes in Gold disposable Cutlery flatware, 50 spoons, 100 forks and 50 knives.  It is a great set for anniversaries, weddings, holidays birthdays or a buffet style party.  The gold plastic silverware is durable and has a sturdy plastic that does not break, snap or bend easily.  It is toxic and BPA free and ensures a 100% safe eating experience for your family and guests.  BloominGoods Gold Plastic comes in gold and silver and boasts a shiny and elegant look that fits every occasion. They create a sheen and sparkle that make them look like actual metal utensils.

Key highlights:

  • Disposable
  • Reusable after wash
  • Good hand size fit
  • Affordable

TashiBox Disposable Plastic Forks

These are 350 plastic forks that are clear and disposable.  This cutlery is heavyweight and durable. They are 7.1 inches and good for all occasions in and outdoors.  They are not broken easily. The plastic that is used to make these forks is eco-friendly, BPA-free and polypropylene.  It is also toxic-free. The plastic utensils forks have edges that are quite smooth and will not be cut easily while in use.  They resist high temperatures and therefore they are safe to use with hot foods and drinks.

Key highlights:

  • Convenient
  • Cost-friendly
  • Fancy and elegant
  • Clear and disposable
  • Versatile


There are several guidelines to follow before you decide on which Best Disposable Cutlery Set to buy. These are just some of the few things to note:

  • Make sure you know the right cutlery set you need and for what occasion.
  • Go through reviews but do no rush, take your time to understand the benefits of getting one product over the other.
  • I think it is worth taking time to select the right colors of the utensils you buy for your occasion.  If the theme for a wedding or a birthday party is yellow then you may purchase or order the gold color disposable cutlery or utensils.  This will brighten up the event.