Best Woods for Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an essential tool in the kitchen for any cook who wants to chop up vegetables without having to spend time washing the knife after every cut. It also acts as a support for holding food when it’s being chopped, sliced, minced, or diced. This article discusses some of the best woods for cutting boards. It also talks about what makes these woods so special and why you should choose them for your precious cutting board.

Despite its importance in the kitchen, not all cutting boards are created equal. When you’re shopping for one at your local store just by looking at them there are many different types of cutting boards with varying features and capabilities. The same holds true when picking out one online with just a photo of the item to go off of.

best wood cutting for boards

When it comes to wood, it is important to have a material that is durable, beautiful, and strong. There are different types of woods that are suitable for different purposes.

Most high-quality wood is rich in tannin and water-resistant. Some types of trees like oak and walnut can be used as a base or top layer on a cutting board because they give you a nice finish and make the board stronger overall. But wood like maple does not require much time to dry, making it ideal for those who want to use the board shortly after purchasing it. Maple also has an appearance that mimics cork.

Pine is one of the most common species of wood in this market. Pine is sturdy and strong against moisture and will split easily when you place it on a surface that you don’t want it in contact with. Pine has a wide range of uses because its soft grain makes it easy to carve into different shapes without cracking or splitting when in contact with harder surfaces like metal or glass.

Birch is also another good option for cutting boards because its soft grain gives away during use which makes the board easier to clean up between uses.

With the way people work today, there is a need for a good cutting board. There are a number of woods that can be used to make a great cutting board. Some of the woods that are currently popular for boards include maple, walnut, cherry, and mahogany.

These woods are known for their hardness and durability which makes them perfect for making slicing boards.

There are some other popular types of wood like Sapele, zebrawood, ash, and oak.

What is the Purpose of a Cutting Board and How to Choose the Best Type of Wood for it?

A kitchen cutting board is the most basic and versatile tool in both professional and home kitchens. It is used for food preparation, meal prep, cooking, chopping vegetables & herbs, and even serving. However, choosing the best wood for a cutting board will depend on your preference and what you want it to be used for.

The most common types of wood in kitchen cutting boards are:

  • Maple – known for its smooth surface that prevents splinters and bacteria growth.
  • Cherry –a dark red or brown color that gives a clean look.
  • Walnut – has great natural oils that prevent bacteria growth and tastes great on food.
  • Pine – has a pleasant smell and is light enough for most chopping boards.
  • Bamboo – bamboo is healthy and durable.

MDF Board vs. Solid Wood Cutting Board

The MDF board is made of wood, while the solid wood cutting board is made of natural materials. The reason for using this type of material is to make the board lightweight and also be able to use it for other purposes.

The MDF board can be used in many different ways. It can be used to cut, chop, sand, carve or even paint on it. The reason is that the MDF board is waterproof and can resist heat up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Sycamore VS Maple vs Hickory as the Best Choices for a Cutting Board

Hickory, Maple, and Sycamore woods are known by many for their desirable properties.


This is the least expensive option when it comes to picking your favorite wood. It is also the least dense in terms of weight per cubic foot, which makes it easier to use in any project. It also takes well to finish and polish beautifully.


This is more durable than Maple and doesn’t warp or buckle like Sycamore. It’s also the least expensive option when compared to the price for Maple and Sycamore.


This is the most commonly used option because it is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria.

3 Types of Woods for Cutting Boards Today in the Market

Nowadays, a lot of cutting boards are made from different types of wood. But before you decide on what wood to use, you have to figure out what type of wood is best suited for your board.

The three types of woods that are commonly used today are maple, oak, and walnut:

  • Maple has a high density and is also known as one of the best woods for cutting boards.
  • Oak has a good hardness and it is an excellent choice if you have a need for more stability.
  • Walnut has a low density and is mostly found in the manufacturing industry as it is lightweight and easy to work with.


In choosing the best wood for your cutting board, it is important that you know what type of wood it is and what kind of end product you will be making. Solid wood with a natural finish would be good for high-quality end results while plywood with synthetic polymers would be good for those who want to avoid chemical treatments on their boards.