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blanch carrots for freezing

How to Blanch Carrots for Freezing

The first question here as most people ask is, “can you freeze carrots?” The simple answer is yes, you can freeze carrots to preserve them for later use. Of courser, you can freeze raw...

how to preheat oven

How To Preheat Oven And For How Long

Preheating is the act of turning on an empty oven and let it heat up to the optimal temperature, and get it ready for cooking. Preheating your oven is essential as it allows your...

best egg rings

How To Use Egg Rings

Egg rings hold an individual egg so that it cooks into a perfectly round shape. They are usually in diameters of 3 inches. You place the egg ring on your pan, then crack open...

types of pots

9 Different Types of Pots That You Should Know

A pot is rounded cookware that is designed for boiling liquids and preparing stew. They also allow the cooking of food, although it is usually challenging to manage. Its shape allows even distribution of...