How To Use Egg Rings!

Egg rings hold an individual egg so that it cooks into a perfectly round shape. They are usually in diameters of 3 inches. You place the egg ring on your pan, then crack open your egg to pour it into the ring. Egg rings are either in metallic or silicone material. Metallic egg rings will have your egg cooked even on the sides, while the silicone egg ring is less likely to have your egg stuck, and you can use it in your microwave. Most egg rings have handles that assist in lifting your egg rings from your pan.

how to use egg rings

How to fry your egg in the egg ring

 Eggs ring will have your eggs cooked in perfectly round shapes by avoiding your egg from spreading all over your pan. It also allows you to cook many eggs on your pan at the same time.

  1. Grease the inside of the ring with a generous amount of oil or butter. Then pour one tablespoon of butter into your skillet or pan and allow it to heat. Now place your greased egg ring on the skillet or pan.
  • If you cannot cook fast, crack each of your eggs into separate bowls. This part is essential, especially if you are cooking several eggs simultaneously and need to cook each egg in individual rings. If you are quick, you can wait to crack the egg directly into the ring.                    
  • Ensure that both your pan and rings get adequately preheated. You may know that the heat is okay by the shimmering sound made by your butter or oil. Pick your bowls with the cracked eggs and pour your eggs directly into each ring on the pan. Let the egg white down first, then let it settle for at least 5 seconds for it to firm up around the ring edges; you will hear a sizzling noise. This step will ensure the egg does not spill into other parts of your pan. You can now add the remaining portion of the egg in your bowl to fill the ring.                                                                                                                                                    
  • Approximately three minutes is enough to have your eggs fully cooked. The egg ring method usually takes longer than the standard cooking method. If you want the bottom of your eggs browner, you may have to use more than three minutes. If you are not sure if your egg is perfectly cooked, hold the handle and give the egg ring a little sway. If fully cooked, you will feel the egg ring pulling away. Remove the ring and serve as you desire, or proceed to cook the top side.
  • If you like your egg yolk when cooked a little longer, apply some oil on the top, then season your egg with salt and some pepper as your desire. Flip your egg using a spatula to have the top side cooked as you desire. Counting to ten to know if this second side is cooked is a previously worked technique.  You can remove your egg and serve.

How to Use the Silicone Egg Ring in The Microwave

Silicone egg rings with palpable handles are now in the market. The removable rings have made it possible to cook your eggs using microwaves.

1. Remove the metallic handle on the silicone egg ring.

2. Use a small bowl that is microwave safe, spray it will oil.

3. Place your greased ring on the bowl and crack your egg in it. Add some salt to taste.

4. Place your bowl in the microwave and allow your egg to cook for at least 2 minutes.

5. Remove your bowl and serve your egg as desired.

Reasons That Could Make Your Egg Ring to Fail

1. You are not preheating your pan and egg ring enough. If the pan and egg ring are not heated sufficiently, the egg will not turn solid immediately you pour it on the pan, and not only will it take longer to cook but may make the egg to seep from the ring to the pan.

2. You did not wait for the oil or butter to heat enough. The oil’s heat should be medium to high; when you pour your egg onto the oil and its good heat, the egg will make a sizzling noise.

3. Not greasing your metallic egg ring- If you forget oiling your metallic egg ring, your egg may get stuck on the egg ring, thus ruining the perfect round-shaped egg you desired.