Scholarship Program

Utensils List is a company that does reviews of products. As the name suggest our focus lies mainly in kitchen utensils that include equipment for baking, food preparation, measuring, serving, storage, and other related equipment.

The purpose of this scholarship to cater for tuition fee of deserving undergraduate student who will pass our test and selection criterion.

Scholarship Amount

Our scholarship offer amount for this call is $2000. One time.

Eligibility Requirements

  • An applicant must be enrolled for a degree course in any university of higher institution of learning.
  • An applicant must show the need for the scholarship, and how given the scholarship will change performance.
  • An applicant must pass a test that we will give as per our guidelines.
  • Any other supporting document.
  • Students who may portray innovative skills may have added advantage.

How to apply;

Students who are interested in this offer can should submit at least 500 words on the topic: importance of technology in business in our contact us page of our site or via This is mainly to assess students research, and technological knowledge skills, and trends.

A student that wins this scholarship will be published in one of our review sites, alongside the winning article. Keep it simple!

Dateline for applications

This scholarship is open for applications up to 3rd December, 2021.

Best of Luck!