Stainless Steel Vs. Nonstick Cookware – The Difference

You may be experiencing some challenges when it comes to cleaning cookware that has food stuck on them. The chances are that the cookware is made of a material that allows food to stick on their sides. There are also times when you experience some smell when preparing meals. All that can be due to the material that was used to make the cookware. Cookware can be stainless steel or non-stick. Therefore, choosing the right type of cookware is crucial for recreational and professional cooks.

Both stainless steel and non-stick cookware are used to perform the same functions in a kitchen; however, there are some distinct features. Let’s consider the stainless steel vs. non-stick cookware.

Stainless steel cookware

  • They can tolerate high heat
  • They are long-lasting
  • They allow for searing and browning of food


  • They require a high level of maintenance after use.
  • If not properly oiled, they can ruin and stick your food

Non-stick cookware, on the other hand are:

  • Easy to clean. They do not allow food particles to stick on the sides
  • They do not need much lard, butter, or oil to prevent food from sticking
  • They prevent some delicate food types from sticking


  • Non-stick cookware cannot withstand  a lot of heat
  • They do not allow for searing or browning of food
  • The non-stick coating may get scratched off and compromised, hence may not last long
  • There are safety concerns associated with the non-stick cookware.

Cookware is part of our daily lifestyles. They perform the same function but may bring different results. Whether you are a professional or a recreational chef, you should make the right choice before purchasing any cookware type. You should ensure that you come up with the best reasons you choose a specific variety of cookware and its purposes. The final consideration is the pricing; you should go for one that suits your pocket size for your convenience.