Top 6 Best Mug Warmers in 2022!

Mug warmers are essential for every kitchen. We have done our research of the best mug warmers on the market, based on many factors that we considered that include consumer satisfaction, ratings, price, and other specs and features.

Of course, nothing’s more refreshing than a sip of your favorite hot drink right after you wake up. Be it coffee or tea, you know you’ll get an instant boost of energy if you take that freshly prepared drink. But as you hurry up and down so you don’t get to work late, your morning drink will be cooling off on your kitchen counter.

By the time you are done and ready to get back to your breakfast, your drink is already too cold to enjoy. A day or two of this and you’ve had enough. Now you are out seeking a way to keep your coffee warm. Have you considered getting yourself a mug warmer?

Here are some excellent ones onn the market you should consider purchasing.

1. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee mug warmer

When you need something simple yet functional, this Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is just perfect. It emits up to 17 watts of power which is enough to keep your hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or water warm or hot. In case something spills on this warmer, worry not because it has a non-stick surface that easily wipes clean. It has an inbuilt on and off switch complete with an indicator light to inform you when the warmer is on or off.


  • Long power cord for increased mobility
  • Has up to 17 watts of power
  • Has an on and off switch and indicator light
  • Easy to clean

2. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

vobaga coffee mug warmer

Nothing spells versatility better than this VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer. An appliance that was designed for everyone. See, there are guys who like their coffee super-hot, others like their coffee mildly warm, and others at room temperature. Whichever one of these people represents you, then you are sorted with this one-of-a-kind coffee mug warmer.  It gives you up to three temperature settings to choose from. It comes in a spill-proof design and is made using safe materials that are resistant to fire.


  • Has up to three temperature settings. 40℃ or 55℃ or 65℃.
  • Fits in seamlessly whether used as a home or office desk appliance
  • Safe and durable materials
  • Comes in a spill-proof design

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

Awaken your funny side with this little cute Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer. The good thing about this mug warmer is that it is portable. All thanks to its conveniently small size. Not only is it easy to use at home, but you can carry and use it at the office too. Heck even bring it on one of your outdoor camping escapades, provided you have a reliable power source to connect it to. It is efficient and affordable. This one also comes with a 10 oz. Mickey Mouse branded ceramic mug.


  • Affordable and efficient
  • Portable
  • Can be used both at home and in the office
  • Mug warmer comes with a 10 oz. ceramic mug

4. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

norpro mug warmer

If you want a mug warmer that goes above and beyond your expectations, then this Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer is precisely what you need. It offers you impeccable performance, durability, and versatility. What with a non-stick heating element that’s easy to clean, a long 60-inch cord, and 24 watts of power at your disposal, what more could you want in a mug warmer?


  • Has an on and off switch and a light indicator
  • Has 60-inch power cord
  • Has an easy to clean non-stick heating surface
  • Emits up to 24 watts worth of power

5. Nicelucky Coffee Mug Warmer

nicelucky mug warmer

When you are trying to maintain that modern theme in your home or at your office, then this Nicelucky Coffee Mug Warmer will fit right in. But it doesn’t stop there. Besides its ravishing looks, this mug warmer is easy to operate. It can heat your teas and coffee up to 167 degrees and has a safety feature that automatically turns off the heater after four hours of continuous heating.


  • Has three heater settings. 131, 149 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Turns itself off after four hours
  • Looks elegant and modern
  • Durable

6. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer

bestinnkits mug warmer

Looking for a gift to send to your loved one on that special occasion? Nothing says I care better than a BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer. It has an attractive waterproof design featuring a glass heating plate, so you never have to worry about spilling anything. It is safe, reliable, durable, and easy to clean. Using 19 watts of power, this mug warmer can heat your beverages up to 131 degrees. Its small size makes it perfect for your bedside table, office desk, or home kitchen.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for use at home or in the office
  • Can heat your coffee up to 131 degrees

No more forcing yourself to take cold drinks. Above is a wide selection of high-performance and efficient mug warmers up for your choosing. Get yourself one and bid good riddance to ever having to forego your favorite drinks because they got cold.

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