9 Different Types of Pots That You Should Know

A pot is rounded cookware that is designed for boiling liquids and preparing stew. They also allow the cooking of food, although it is usually challenging to manage. Its shape allows even distribution of heat and hence even cooking for your stew. They can be used in an oven or on stoves when cooking. Pots are of different types and different materials. The different types of pots are:

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Sauce Pots

They have a wide bottom to ensure there Is maximum heat conduction. The pots are suitable for preparing sauce soups, casserole, and cooking stews. To allow for movement and easy pouring, the pots have big handles. There are those with one long handle, while others have two looped handles.

Rondo/Brazier Pots

Rondo pots have a heating surface that is wide and suitable for cooking vegetables and meat in limited liquids. The pots are suitable for slow and long cooking to ensure the liquid added to the food adds the flavor and the juices. The tampered saucepans are used as a hot bath to melt butter, blanching vegetables, and heating sauces.

Soup and Stock Pot

These types of pots are suitable for slow simmering. They are best used to prepare stock, pasta, soups, seafood, and vegetables. The pots are taller and have a smaller diameter, which helps preserve the liquid for maximum flavor transfer. They also allow for steam cooking when it is used in conjunction with a steam basket.

Dutch Oven

This type of pot can be used in the oven and on stoves. They are among the largest pots and are suitable for cooking large meat dishes that need a lot of heat. They have a cooking area that s wide to ensure that your large pieces of meat cook evenly. The pots allow for movement because they have roomy handles. They are made of a durable material and will serve you long in preparing stews, roastings, soups, baking bread, and frying casserole.


A steamer is a pot that usually has a metal screen above the bottom. It cooks using steam, where water is added to the bottom, and the steam from the water cooks your food placed in the metal insert. The pots are suitable for steaming broccoli and vegetables.

Pasta Pots

The pots are designed for cooking pasta. They are of different types. There are those with lids perforated to allow the water left in the cooking pasta to be poured out. The other type of pasta pots has a strainer insert that is placed inside the pot. Pasta pots are designed to reduce the chances of burning your food, they allow for perfect cooking, and there will be no wastage of food because there will be no pasta pieces falling off from it.

Double Boilers

A double boiler looks like a steamer, but the difference is that the steamer has a pot insert that has no holes. These types of pots are suitable for steam heating foodstuffs such as melting chocolate.

Casserole Pots

Every kitchen needs to have a casserole pot. The pots are designed for cooking casseroles. While casserole can be cooked using a slow cooker or a Dutch oven, a casserole pot brings the best results. It allows slow and perfect cooking of your casserole. Casserole pots are preferred because they are heat resistant; they can withstand temperatures of up to 520 degrees. They are also made of a material that doesn’t scratch and one that resists scratching. It will serve you for a long because it is durable; it’s made of high-fired clay. However, id dropped or banged; it can easily break.

Milk Warmers

You need to get your milk warm in the kitchen. Milk can be warmed in a small saucepan, but if you do not prefer to use the small saucepan, it is best to use a mil warmer. The milk warmer allows the use of a stove.

To ensure that you buy a pot suited to its function, it is important to consider a few factors. You should ensure that you buy one made of high-quality material that will serve you for an extended period. Pots can be made in aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum pots are good but may have some health issues because they sometimes react with some foods.

It’s also important to ensure that you buy the right pot for the right purpose. With that, you will be assured of perfect results in your cooking.