How Long to Air Fry Frozen French Fries!

Nothing is more convenient than having some frozen French fries that you can quickly air fry and enjoy in minutes. Well, with this meal, you no longer have to worry about consuming unhealthy oil. However, most individuals tend to wonder how long it takes to get this dish ready and we have the answer in this piece. So, how long to air fry frozen French fries? 

When it comes to the question of time, it all depends on how crispy you want your french fries to turn out. Generally, it can take about 5-7 minutes. If you want to have your fries crispy, then it will take more time compared to if you prefer them soft or even mushy. The truth is that there isn’t any set rule as to when these fries should be done. This means that you need at least 10 minutes total. Now let us look into how you should air fry your french fries

What you need to air fry frozen french fries!

1. A good air fryer

2. Some cooking spray

3. Frozen French Fries

4. Salt & Pepper

5. Best cooking oil

6. Garlic powder

Step by Step Guide on how to air fry frozen french fries!

1. Preheat the air fryer and spray the basket with enough oil.

2. Put the frozen french fries in a bowl and sprinkle them with salt. Spray them with little oil and add pepper and garlic powder to your liking. Make sure not to overdo it because too much seasoning may make the fries soggy.

3. Place the fries inside the air fryer and cook until golden brown. You can check their readiness using an instant-read thermometer which measures internal temperature. When the fries reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit, remove from heat and set aside.

Tips on Making Perfectly Crispy And Soft Air Fried Frozen French Fries

 1. How long to air fry frozen french fries can also depend on how thick they are. For the thinner ones, you might only need 3-4 minutes while thicker ones could require up to 7 minutes.

2. If your air fryer does not rotate, keep tossing the fries so that they do not stick together.

3. Do not overcrowd the air fryer. It is better to place one layer of fries instead of two layers.

4. Keep the air fryer away from direct sunlight. Sunlight causes oxidation which compromises the taste of the fries.

Important to note

1. Air Fried Frozen French Fries must be stored in an airtight container with the lid tightly closed. If not, the fries will absorb too much moisture and become soggy.

2. For longer storage, keep the fries refrigerated for up to a month.

3. Freeze leftover fries in single-portion containers for future consumption.

4. Reheat by microwaving for approximately 30 seconds per serving.

5. If you fail to preheat the air fryer, your french fries will take longer to be ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are air-fried frozen french fries healthy?

Air frying has been proven to be healthier than deep frying since it uses far fewer calories and fat. In fact, according to studies conducted by Harvard University, air frying reduces the number of saturated fats found in food by 50%. Moreover, air frying doesn’t use nearly as much energy as traditional methods like deep frying.

Are air-fried frozen french fries gluten-free?

Yes, air-fried frozen french fries are 100% gluten-free. There is no wheat flour involved in making them. Instead, potatoes are cut into small pieces, frozen, and then air fried. This method eliminates any possibility of cross-contamination.

What kind of oils should I use to prepare air-fried frozen french fries?

We recommend using vegetable oil or olive oil. These types of oils contain less cholesterol and sodium compared to animal-based oils. Also, they tend to produce lower levels of trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids increase LDL cholesterol levels and decrease HDL cholesterol levels. Both of these factors contribute to heart disease.

Why are air-fried frozen french fries crispy but soft on the inside?

The secret lies in how we make them. The key ingredient in air-fried frozen french fries is potato starch. Potato starch acts as a binder between the individual strands of the raw material. Once heated, the starch turns into gelatinized starch which gives the fries its crispiness.
 On top of that, the heat also converts some of the starches into sugars. When the fries cool down, those sugar molecules solidify and form an outer layer around each strand of the fries. This creates a barrier against moisture loss so that the fries stay crunchy even after cooling off.

How many calories do air-fried frozen french fries have?

Air-fried frozen french fries only contain 65 calories per serving. It has 0 grams of fat, zero saturated fats, and zero carbohydrates. All of these nutrients come from healthy sources like vegetables and whole grains.


Getting french fries ready has never been this easy. With the right ingredients and the best air fryer at hand, you get this dessert within a span of a moment. If you have been looking for a way to avoid deep-fried french fries, I believe this article has given you a solution.

 How long to air fry frozen french fries is now clear. It starts with knowing your desired outcome; how crispy you want them to turn out keeping in mind the thickness of your french fries. I hope I’ve answered your questions about air frying frozen french fries answered and all you need to know about this delicious dish.